Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance

High-Quality Statutory Compliance Services

Dinnisha Solution Pvt. Ltd. knows the standards for compliances as per Indian labour laws. With the strict ethics and moral values that we enforce in all of our activities, we ensure conformity with government laws and regulations without any deviation. Our personnel are qualified to understand the criteria of enforcement. We have qualified auditors who not only audit our job, but also keep the laws and rules and regulations current. We perform routine internal training on regulatory laws for our employees. Our enforcement services ensure that they never interrupt your activities.

Automated Systems for Compliance

On a daily basis, our specialised data centre processes all regulatory criteria. The programme that we use is of the highest quality and has been thoroughly reviewed to meet all the criteria for compliance. Our auditors review and recheck the results to ensure payroll and labour enforcement standards are met before processing your data.

Our Compliance Services

Dinnisha Solution Pvt. Ltd. will take care of your payroll and labour compliance requirements. We are well aware of the laws of central and state government and have personnel specialising in each of the criteria for compliance.